We cut your material on 4, 7, 10 and 12 Inch records.

Short Runs, From of 1 up to 100 or even more copies.

Bands, musicians, your personal bootlegs, or anyone wanting audio on a record can have their audio cut onto a playable traditional black Vinyl, upcycled plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, cd-rs (playable on both turntable and standard CD player), mirrors, placemats, x-rays

Many releases are carefully lathe cut (although some are pressed using traditional record pressing plants).

Cutting on Soild Gold. Soild Gold finds its’ identity in consistency and a tightly defined minimalistic visual aesthetic. Every Soild Gold release is limited to 50 copies on gold colored vinyl

Cutting on CDR. Special for promotional material used by musicians, we cut on CDRs, playable both sides one side on turntable and the other side on a standard CD player.

The records often featuring handmade covers assembled from upcycled materials found at thrift stores and garage sales. The packaging regularly drives the record making process itself, and contributes to the overall concept behind each release.

We can package your product as a 1970’s bootleg style record sleeve and a full color poster, traditional record sleeves, your own designed packaging etc, There are almost no limitations.

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